The Integrated Communications Project (ICP)

The Integrated Communications Project (ICP) is delivering a replacement for the University's telephony system, which goes out of support in 2017. The new communications system is called 'Chorus', and as well as replacing the existing phone system, it has the potential to transform the way people communicate and work together across the collegiate University.

Chorus replaces all of the University's existing telephony systems: this includes both traditional copper phone lines and Cisco VOIP phones. Key aspects of the new service include:

  • Users can communicate across a range of devices, including smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets and fixed handsets
  • New integrated communications features such as instant messaging, online presence, audio and video conference calls
  • Integration with other University systems, such as Nexus.

For essential information on how Chorus will affect you, please read Five Things You Need To Know About Chorus. You can also consult the Chorus features page for detailed information on the new functionality of Chorus.

Chorus logo

Chorus will impact everyone who uses a phone across the collegiate University. For some, it will simply mean a new desktop telephone; for others, there is the potential to change and improve the way they work.

The project team have been actively engaging with key stakeholders such as the Conference of Colleges, academic divisions, the ICT Forum, administrators and bursars to deliver this project. A pilot with a cross-section of users to test all aspects of the new system will take place from late February to mid-April 2016; following that, Chorus will start to become available for early adopters. The migration process and deployment of new equipment will take place during 2016–2017.

You can keep up to date on the project through our monthly Chorus newsletter. We also publish termly project updates in News from IT Services.