The Integrated Communications Project (ICP)

The Integrated Communications Project (ICP) is delivering a replacement for the University's telephony system, which goes out of support in 2017. The new communications system is called 'Chorus'. 

After a full review of the technical issues and lessons learnt from the pilot implementation, the ICP Project Board has agreed a simpler approach to the main migration. This will now deliver a single equipment configuration –a replacement phone, alongside access to the Web Portal through which the additional features can be accessed on an optional basis.  (If soft-phones or the Mobile App is required, they will be offered on a self-serve, non-centrally supported basis.)

The standard replacement phone will be a Unify 35G, a basic desk phone that plugs directly into a network socket and does not require a computer to use Chorus.  It has the following features: 

  • 2 line display.
  • 10 Fixed feature keys: Messages, Settings, Speaker, Mute, Hold, Headset, Transfer, Conference, Volume up and down.
  • 4 adjustable angles.
  • Wall mountable without additional kit. 

Unify 35G phone  

Access will also be provided via your SSO to the Chorus Web Portal at which can be used to:

  • Search the Directory, and place calls directly from it.
  • Send and receive Instant Messages.

  • Add contacts to your personal Contacts Pane, and arrange them into groups.

  • Access your Call History.

  • Manage your Voicemail.

Information about the more advanced functionality of Chorus will be available in 2017, for example:

  • Teleconferencing.

  • Assigning another phone to make and receive calls through your work number (Preferred Device).

Chorus replaces all of the University's existing telephony systems: this includes traditional phone lines and Cisco VOIP phones. The new system will be implemented on a building by building basis between August 2016 and April 2018. As part of the engagement phase the Chorus project team is meeting with Departmental Administrators, College Bursars, ITSS Managers and additional key contacts up to three months before initial scheduled implementation dates.

Essential Information

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Service Implementation and Usage Charges: What are the costs of implementing Chorus at your unit? N.B. This page has different versions for colleges and departments.

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