The Integrated Communications Project (ICP)

A strategic review of the collegiate University’s telecommunications was initiated in 2011 and this led to the establishment of the Integrated Communications Project (ICP). The review identified the opportunity to deliver a replacement project which does more than simply replace: it will offer exciting, up-to-date features with the potential to transform the collegiate University’s approach to communication and collaboration.

The new University communications system is called 'Chorus'. Chorus replaces all of the existing telephony systems: this includes both traditional copper phone lines and Cisco VOIP phones, although the phone hardware on your desk may not necessarily change. Key aspects of the new service include:

  • enabling users to communicate across a range of devices, including smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets and fixed handsets
  • providing integrated features such as instant messaging, display of availability and video communications
  • allowing for integration with other communications technologies (including voice, video, email and calendaring systems).

Chorus will impact across the collegiate University. For some it will simply mean a new desktop telephone; for others, there is the potential for changing the way they work and for making the ways they communicate more accessible and appropriate to their role and preferences.

The design and build phase of the project is currently underway. There have been some initial presentations and demonstrations, mainly to budget-holders and local IT staff in colleges and departments. 

At the beginning of 2015 we will be running a pilot with a cross-section of users to test all aspects of the new system; following that, the Chorus  ‘unified communications’ (UC) technology will start to become available for early adopters. The deployment of any new telephones required will take place during 2015–2017.

Further demonstrations are now being held. If you would like to be invited to one of these, please email the ICP team.