Nexus 365 ITSS engagement

Keeping ITSS informed

A meeting with IT support staff (ITSS) was held on 10th March 2017 and we were pleased to hear your questions and comments which have fed into our approach for the project. 

All materials from this and other meetings with ITSS and documents of specific interest to ITSS are available in a dedicated library on the project SharePoint site at (University single sign-on credentials required).

The project has has considered the following options for engaging with ITSS:

ITSS Technical Consultation Group (TCG)

A technical consultation group was set up with representatives from each division and from the college ITSS community. The membership of this has been restricted to approximately 15-20 people to keep it manageable, to ensure open discussion and to aid decision-making.
The key aims of this group are:

  • to explore the technical issues around the migration of Nexus email and calendaring to Office 365; focussing on testing, planning, user communications and learning resources
  • to represent the ITSS community in discussions regarding the changes the project will deliver.

See the Terms of Reference and membership for this group.


ITSS briefing sessions

It was recognised that the TCG will not meet the wider ITSS appetite for involvement with the Nexus 365 project.  Therefore, we have considered running briefing sessions open to a wider ITSS audience as the project progresses. So far these have not been deemed necessary as the bulletin and other communications via the itss-announce mailing list have kept ITSS informed. 


ITSS monthly update bulletins

Monthly update bulletins are being distributed via the itss-announce mailing list. These contain specific time-sensitive progress updates, when available, as well as the following standing items:

  • Action needed from ITSS
  • Key dates
  • TCG update.

Scheduled publication dates are weeks ending (see links below for bulletins already published):

List of site pages