Nexus 365 first meeting with ITSS

Listening to IT Support Staff

Thanks to all the ITSS managers who attended the meeting on 10th March.  It was very useful for the project team to hear the questions and comments raised and these are feeding into the project approach.  A summary of the questions, along with the slide presentation from the meeting, can be found on SharePoint in a document library specifically set up for ITSS colleagues:

This library will be used for any documents/materials relating to the involvement of ITSS in the project.

Going forward, the team is keen to engage with a smaller group of ITSS managers (approximately 15) to enable a detailed discussion about the migration approach for colleges, faculties and departments – something that would be difficult to manage with a larger group of participants.  However, it is recognised that this will not meet the wider ITSS appetite for involvement so work is underway to explore how to meet both these objectives.

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