Nexus365 comes to students

All students will soon be on Nexus365

Existing student migrations:
The migration of existing undergraduate, PGT (taught postgraduate) and visiting/recognised student email accounts to Nexus365 will take place between 30 July and 15 August – see the schedule at Nexus365 timeline

Support for student migrations:
Students are being directed to their local IT support staff (if available) or the central Service Desk (01865 612345) for assistance following the migration of their accounts to Nexus365.  The Nexus365 project is funding additional staff on the central Service Desk to cover the potential upsurge in support requests and they will remain in post into the start of Michaelmas term when students return to Oxford.

Corrupt items in student mailboxes:
An email will be sent to each account that contains email rule or calendar/file item corruptions advising the owner to remove the rules or items prior to migration.  Because student accounts are being migrated in the long vacation, it is anticipated that this email might not be read by all recipients prior to migration.  Rather than delay migrations until we hear back from students, we will ignore the corrupt rules/items (effectively removing them) to enable these accounts to be migrated.  If the rules are still required, the mailbox owner will have to reinstate them post migration.  The list of accounts with corruptions is available to IT support staff.

Provisioning new starters:
Email accounts for new starters, both employees and students, are now being set up directly onto the Nexus365 service. However, please note that there could be a delay of several hours between notification to advise their SSO is ready for activation, and their Nexus365 mailbox being available. This is due to an issue with the new starter provisioning process which we are working to resolve. Apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

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