A service project to expand network services

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IT Services’ Managed Network Services team currently provides a managed network service for more than 80 physical sites across the collegiate University, including the Bodleian, UAS (University Administration and Services) and colleges. This service includes the management of network switches, firewalls, DNS (domain name systems), DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol), wireless configuration and network device support. 

There is evidence to suggest that there is demand for more services ranging from a fully managed network service, to management of specific services (e.g. switches, firewalls, wireless network devices, through to consultancy). The ASPEN project will initially undertake an analysis of the demand for such services, by reviewing the current customer base and consider potential Phase 1 customers that could be included in the future. The project also forms part of the Focus Programme which aims to improve the support services delivered across the university.

The project is currently in the analysis and planning stage. Over the next few months, we will sign off  a service model that will include pricing and resource requirements. This process will involve gaining feedback from the wider IT community as well as consulting with budget holders. The team will also document what the future service on-boarding process will look like for new customers and how communication to already enlisted customers are continuously managed.

This current analysis and planning phase is expected to continue until the end of 2019, and a fully managed network service will be delivered to phase 2 customers in 2020.

The expected outcomes and benefits of this project are:

•    Consolidation of the support and technologies deployed
•    Reduction in network complexities
•    Enhanced and consistent service levels


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Mike Fraser (

Project manager:
Roger Coombs (