Back-up Service Replacement Project


Recognising the global importance of the collegiate University's information assets, the back-up service requires periodic updates and improvements, to ensure acceptable recovery times in the event of a major incident that could result in lost or corrupted data. This project aims to invest in the latest back-up technology, allowing us to deliver a service with improved recovery times, back-up speed and capacity management, and more robust back-up arrangements for University-wide applications.

Key Benefits

  • A modern and highly functional solution for both server and endpoint back-up
  • Improved long term value for money, compared to the benefits received for the annual cost of the current back-up service
  • An enhanced central back-up service, reducing the need for Divisions, Departments and Colleges to seek their own back-up solutions
  • An improved speed of recovery for business critical applications, in the event of Major Incidents that destroy or corrupt data


Significant time and effort have been invested over the last few years to feed into planning for the delivery of this project. We are currently in the procurement phase and are working towards the following high-level milestones:

  • April – July 2020: Procurement Phase - Invitation to Tender process, to seek the correct technical and commercial solution(s) for the implementation phase
  • July – October 2020: Delivery Planning & Governance Phase - Developing the full business case, drawing up detailed plans and seeking approval to proceed with the implementation phase
  • Autumn 2020 onwards: Implementation Phase – Commisioning new back-up service and migrating users over from existing systems

This project webpage will be updated with further information, as it becomes available.





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