Chorus phone system upgrade project


This project is upgrading the university-wide Chorus telephony system that was introduced in 2016, to the latest version (OpenScape v10). This is a major upgrade, which will provide increased system stability and security, via:

  • Upgraded supporting infrastructure - work completed in Trinity term 2022
  • Upgraded telephone lines - work scheduled for 5 July 2022

Phone services will be unavailable from 6am on 5 July while the upgrade is applied, and a cascade communications about this was sent out on 22 June. 

Many people use physical desk phones, and voicemail accessed via their desk phone or email attachment - while there are significant benefits to the upgraded system as a whole, there will not be a need for these people to do anything different after the upgrade.  

However, about 1,200 people at Oxford previously used specific features that will not be included in the upgraded version of Chorus. The project team worked with IT support staff (ITSS) and telephone coordinators in colleges, departments and elsewhere in the University, to offer the relevant people the alternative solution, Telephony over Teams. This offers replacement features via peoples' existing version of Microsoft Teams, and can be used on PC or smart phone. It isn't possible to have both an upgraded Chorus desk phone and Telephony over Teams, so if you move to Telephony over Teams, then your desk phone will stop working - although it will be possible to switch back to Chorus (the upgraded version), if after trying Telephony over Teams, it doesn’t feel right for you.

What are we working on right now?

The project team is working with IT support staff (ITSS), telephone coordinators, and other contacts in colleges, departments and all other relevant areas of the University, as we approach the final work to complete the upgrade on 5 July. The team has now completed the work to move the relevant people to Telephony over Teams in advance of of 5 July.


Key changes

  1. The Chorus Upgrade is due to be completed on 5 July 2022, and will improve system stability and security, but not change the features of physical desk phones, voicemail, or other services
  2. Specific features previously used by approximately 1,200 people in Chorus will no longer be available in the new version. The relevant people have been contacted, and are being moved over to Telephony over Teams in advance of 5 July. The features were previously accessed via: 
    • Chorus web portal ( to set a preferred device
    • OpenScape Mobile (OSMO) phone app
    • Chorus softphone - an application for PC used in conjunction with a headset, speaker or microphone

Future plans

Over the next few years, we would like to help move everyone to the solution that works best for them, which is likely to be Telephony over Teams for many people, but not all. This work would be covered by future projects, which are dependent on funding. The Chorus Upgrade project will set the foundation for a service that is Microsoft Teams-compatible.

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    Moving to Telephony over Teams

    Telephony over Teams

    Please visit the Telephony over Teams page for more information.

    Technical information for ITSS and telephone administrators

    User group

    A Chorus user group has been set up on Teams. If you are interested in joining this, and hearing about the progress being made by the project, you can join directly with the code 67s3u62.

    In Teams, go to the Teams section, click on "Join or create a team" and paste the join code 67s3u62 where it says "Enter code" in the "Join a team with a code" box.

    • An upgrade to the latest version (OpenScape v10)
    • Prolong the working life of existing physical phones
    • Moving to an enhanced virtual infrastructure, to provide increased stability and flexibility 
    • Replacement of end-of-life dedicated network hardware
    • Makes further use of MS Teams functionality, which has been well adopted for calls, collaboration, meetings and internal communications
    • A new strategic access management tool, allowing secure, managed, remote access for third party support engineers

    People who currently use additional features in Chorus are being moved to Telephony over Teams in tranches between during June.

    The upgrade is due to be completed on 30 June 2022.


    If you have a question, you can ask it in the Q&A channel of the group. Alternatively, you can contact the Chorus Project mailbox and a member of the project team will get back to you.


    Chorus Upgrade Project:

    Project sponsor:

    Jemima Spare,
    Chorus Service Delivery Manager

    Project manager:

    Shireen Walker