Chorus planned unavailability

As part of the Chorus upgrade project, there will be a few planned disruptions to the phone system:

Chorus service unavailable on 5 July, due to the upgrade

This message was shared with the following people on 22 June 2022 for appropriate cascade within their areas:

  • In colleges: Domestic Bursars, Estates Bursars, Senior Tutors, College IT Managers, Head of House PAs
  • In departments: Head of Departments, Heads of Administration and Finance
  • In colleges and departments: IT Support Staff and Telephone Coordinators, Communications Leads 

It will not be possible to use your desk phone from 6am on Tuesday 5 July, until further notice that day. This will affect all incoming and outgoing calls to desk phones, and voicemail. 

This will not affect other services, such as Teams, which will remain available. Anyone using Telephony over Teams will not be affected by the disruption. 

Why the disruption is necessary
This one-off disruption is due to a major upgrade to the University-wide telephony system, Chorus, designed to increase system stability and security. While every effort has been taken to avoid disruption to the University, is not possible for this work to take place entirely outside of working hours (because a high number of people are involved in the upgrade, and in the event of issues (such as staff sickness), backup support can usually be put in place much more swiftly during this time. 

Staying updated
Work will begin at 6am, and could take up to a full day to complete (although it may be possible to complete it sooner). You can check for updates during the day on 5 July, to find out when services have been restored.

Impact on SSO authentication
If, when you login to your computer, you receive an automated phone call to your Chorus desk phone to authenticate your Oxford Single Sign-On (SSO), you should set up another method to authenticate before 5 July, such as using the Authenticator app or receiving an SMS on your mobile phone. If you do not use your desk phone for SSO authentication, no action is necessary.

After the upgrade
After the upgrade, you will not notice any difference to your desk phone. However, if you ever used a Chorus softphone, the mobile app (OSMO) or the web portal ( – collectively referred to as Unified Communications – then please be aware these will no longer be available from 5 July. Alternative ways to do things are explained in this page about what to do when Unified Communications is retired

Getting help
If you have any questions or issues, please contact your IT support or telephone coordinator.

Phoneman unavailable 5pm Wednesday 27 June to Tuesday 5 July

Added 22 June 2022

Phoneman, the web interface that Telephone Coordinators use to manage phone extensions, Chorus users, accounts, and group working, will be unavailable for a week before the Chorus upgrade, from 5pm Wednesday 27 June to Tuesday 5 June. Telephone Coordinators will not be able to edit Phoneman during this time, so should plan to make changes ahead of this.

Urgent changes during this time can be made by the Chorus team. Please raise incidents in the usual way via Self-Service. If you have any queries about this, please contact the project team at

Phones belonging to users moving to Telephony over Teams will not now be factory reset because this will disrupt users who connect their PCs through the network port on the phone. ITSS and administrators should make arrangements to remove these phones, or alternatively if details are supplied to the Chorus team they can be factory reset remotely.

We apologise for this inconvenience.


Chorus Upgrade Project:

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Jemima Spare,
Chorus Service Delivery Manager

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Shireen Walker