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Cloud-based services is a reference to technology that enables the delivery of software applications, services and/or computing resources to users via the internet from a cloud computing provider’s servers. IT Services provides a private cloud service offering virtualised servers, storage and networking (including virtual data centres). The cloud services project aims to review the existing service offering and expand or make changes in response to University requirements, including the integration or brokering of public cloud services.  It is part of the Focus Programme.

The project team are planning to meet with a range of current and potential customers to explore:

  • Whether the current service meets demands.
  • Whether the pricing of the service meets expectations.
  • What future services would be desirable (e.g. private, public and hybrid clouds). 

Initial analysis work has been halted until completion of the Data Centres projects. It is expected to resume in April 2019.

Ultimately, the project will:

  • Provide resilient end-to-end high performing network infrastructure and rationalisation of equipment, resources and objectives.
  • Ensure that IT services delivered by the collegiate University are secure, resilient and reliable.
  • Develop a clear “cloud services” framework and decision tree to support evaluation and procurement of cloud-based IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service) within the collegiate University.

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