Committee Solution for SharePoint Online

What is the Committee Solution?

The Committee Solution has been available to members of the University in SharePoint on-premise since 2012 as a result of requests for enhanced support for several high profile committees. It is now also available in SharePoint Online. The committee template is a business critical part of SharePoint functionality in the University. It enables many important committees to administer their activities using calendars and document libraries. 

The 'Oxford Committee' SharePoint Online site template is based on the standard 'Team site' template. It is the only predefined template that is provided for SharePoint Online users. The default configuration meets the basic requirements to manage committee documents. Additional functionality can optionally be used if the committee’s document management requirements are more complicated. The aim of the Oxford committee template is to make it simple and intuitive for members to find the documents they need and for committee administrators to manage their committees.

Functionality of the committee template 

  • Configurable home screen with committee name, details of the committee and dates of the next meeting  
  • Announcements section on home screen to share committee news  
  • Ability for users to access documents for ‘next’ and 'last' committee meetings from the home screen  
  • Meetings automatically move between 'Next', 'Last' and 'Neither' according to the date  
  • Documentation for past meetings is easily located and accessible  
  • Committee calendar with all committee meetings, past and future, and their details  
  • Meeting documentation can be assigned to be 'above the line or 'below the line'  
  • Ability to control Document Library with different level of permissions 
  • Document security levels that define who can access which documents 

The 'Oxford Committee' template looks like this:

How do I access the Committee Solution?

You can request a Committee SharePoint Online site in the same way you request any SharePoint Online site via the Oxford Service Manager (OSM) system.

Your Site Network Administrator (SNA) will need to deploy the template before the site is ready to use and full guidance for doing this will be provided after you have requested the site.