Data governance framework

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The project’s objectives are to clarify the scope and limitations of key administrative data so that it can be re-used with accuracy, and establish ongoing support for people to identify and access the right data sources for their needs more efficiently. This is necessary for compiling statutory data returns, operational reporting, analytics, and the design and delivery of data integrations between business systems.

Data governance is the foundation for other projects such as Building Trust in Our Data and BI (Business Intelligence) and Data Warehouse Strategy. 

In Phase 1 the project developed key policies and procedures for the Data Governance Framework which comprises: 

  • Data stewards*
  • Data definitions
  • Data standards
  • Trusted data sources.

More specifically we:

  • Developed the data stewards’ responsibilities and started to identify those people across the University who would take on the data stewardship roles
  • Developed the process for defining key data at the University and began to create and validate data definitions 
  • Developed the trusted data sources validation methodology.

We are now in Phase 2 of the project and focusing on:

  • Implementing this framework against high-priority administrative data sets (for example, student records, courses, identity, organisation structure and staff records)
  • Continuing to identify potential data stewards, and briefing them on what the role will involve
  • Creating and validating the data definitions
  • Creating standard reference data sets
  • Identifying and validating trusted data sources.

This process is being directed and validated by the Interim Data Governance Group which comprises senior data practitioners from across the University. It is the IDGG, along with selected IT Services projects, that is also responsible for identifying the priority admisnistrative data sets. Agreed definitions, sources and stewards will be recorded in the Casewise database and made accessible via Evolve (currently in development). In the meantime, this information is available on request from the project team

*Data stewards are people who define, produce or consume data and are formally accountable for that data as part of their job. They tend to be SMEs (subject matter experts) and will have to anticipate the needs of the wider University when creating and managing data in their own work areas. 

Phase 2 started in August 2018 and runs to August 2020. For details of the schedule for work on specific data areas and opportunities for you to contribute, please contact the project team

  • Greater confidence that administrative data is being re-used accurately and increased data management capability.
  • Reduced effort required to specify the data sets needed for business system integrations and reports, and easier identification of the trusted source for that data. 

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