Digital Award Documentation

Project Overview

We are delivering a new University of Oxford eDocuments Service, providing electronic degree certificates, transcripts and verification of degrees.

During the lockdown in 2020, when access to secure printers was not possible, an interim online solution was deployed to issue digital Degree Confirmation Letters (dDCLs).

This approach is being re-launched to deliver a new online service for students and alumni to access:

  • Certificates
  • Degree confirmation letters
  • Digitally verified transcripts
  • Diploma supplements
  • Printed copies of certificates where appropriate

Key changes

  • A new charging model will be introduced: instead of paying per certificate re-print, students and alumni will pay a one-off registration fee, which gives unlimited access to electronic documents
  • When someone graduates, in person or in absentia, they still get an initial paper certificate. After that, they can register for the new service, and pay the registration fee, to access all their eligible documents online, and pay an additional fee for a hard copy certificate re-print if needed
  • Paper transcripts will no longer be available, but electronic transcripts will be available via the new service
  • Payments will be made via an integrated payment processing platform
  • A new online verification portal will be introduced that allows third parties, such as other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), governments and employers, to verify the degree status of students and alumni


The new, re-launched online portal will be available during summer 2022.


This project will deliver the following benefits:

  • A quicker and more convenient online process for obtaining electronic documents and verification
  • Postage and courier costs will be removed due to online delivery
  • Transcript production will be simplified
  • Qualification verification will be simplified and sped up, in most cases
  • Sharing of information with third parties for verification is put into the hands of the students and alumni

Students and alumni

The new service expands on the existing service, offering electronic degree certificates and full transcripts, if you started your degree after Michaelmas 2007.

There is also a verification portal that third parties, such as employers, other universities and governments, can use to verify your degree status at Oxford.

Because this is a more complete set of services, we are changing how you pay for this. You will now need to pay a one-off registration fee, currently set at £15, which gives you unlimited access to the service.

This new registration fee replaces all charges when you are requesting electronic documents.

You will still be able to order reprints of your paper certificate, but this will incur a fee and postage charge.


If you have any questions about the re-launched eDocuments Service, please contact


If you have any questions about the re-launched eDocuments Service, please contact