E-exams FAQs for Students

At the start of Trinity term 2018, the Department of Computing Science, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Theology and Religion  will trial and evaluate a digital examination solution. The system will allow students who are sitting timed, invigilated essay-type examinations to type - rather than handwrite - their responses.

IT Services is planning the trials with colleagues in the three participating departments with additional support and expertise provided by colleagues in Education Policy Support, Examinations and Assessments, and the Medical Sciences Division.

The trials will investigate how the logistics of typed examinations may fit with Oxford University’s requirements across a range of areas such as user experience and preferences, technology (software and hardware), support and training, and policy issues. The outcome of the trials will result in recommendations for e-exams at Oxford.

FAQs of interest to students are in the drop down sections below. You can also read the FAQs for staff or go back to the main page.

Update: E-exams trial delivered successfully

The Education IT Programme would like to extend its thanks to all involved in the successful delivery of the E-exams trial which took place on 20 and 21 April, particularly the students and staff from the Department of Computing Science, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Theology and Religion. If you have any questions about the trial, please contact the project team on edu-it@it.ox.ac.uk.

Students interested in feedback for their exam should refer to question 14 of the FAQs: 'How do I know when my script is marked and get to view the feedback comments?' below.

Yes. Students will have the chance to participate in a practice run in March 2018. They will be contacted with more details in due course. If you take part in the trials using your own computer, please bring your charger with you and remember to bring it to the exams themselves.


The trials will take place during the early part of Trinity term 2018. Planning with the participating departments/faculties has been underway since mid-2017.

The participating departments/faculties are trialling examinations typed on both types of devices: some on computers provided by the University, and some on students’ own devices. IT Services will support staff and students closely, and prepare all those who will be participating in e-exams.PLEASE NOTE YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO USE YOUR OWN DEVICE,  as the University will supply computers and the required software.  

Participating students will be closely supported, and prepared for being able to type their responses under examination conditions. Students who choose to use their own computers will have these checked by IT experts in terms of hardware suitability and installation of the required software. They will have the chance to participate in a familiarisation session before the live exam.

We will be running a number of short familiarisation sessions in March 2018 where you will use the e-exams software and explore the system to ensure you are comfortable with using it before the exams in April. If you are using your own equipment you SHOULD BRING IT FOR TESTING TO ONE OF THESE SESSIONS. If you are unable to attend any of the familiarisation sessions, please let us know as soon as you receive the session dates.

The exams in April 2018 will take place in the Law Faculty, St Cross Building, St Cross Road, Oxford. If you have permission to sit public exams (Prelims or Finals) in college, then similar arrangements can be made for this collection.

This depends on how far you are in the exam. It may be that you will simply be given another computer on which to continue your exam. If this happens additional time will be allocated accordingly. 

If you are entitled to any special accommodations (e.g extra time, rest breaks, etc) these will be respected in the trial. Please let us know before the exams if this is the case by speaking to your college tutor or email edu-it@it.ox.ac.uk

This is a trial and will have no impact on your examination results. This is the same in the case of college collections. 

Please note you DO NOT have to purchase any new equipment to take part in the trial. The University will provide equipment to be used on the day.

Yes. We have been working very closely with your tutor/lecturer throughout this process. They are happy to answer any non-technical questions or concerns about the trial.

Safe Exam Browser is a piece of software that is required for you to take your exam safely and securely. This will have been downloaded onto your personal computer if you attended any of the familiarisation sessions that took place in March.


If you are using your own equipment and did not attend a familiarisation session, you MUST download Safe Exam Browser before the exam. Instructions on how to do so are below. 



If you have any problems downloading Safe Exam Browser please contact the project as soon as possible on edu-it@it.ox.ac.uk

If you have any questions or queries please email edu-it@it.ox.ac.uk and we will respond as soon as possible. You can also speak to your college tutor/lecturer if you have any non-technical questions or concerns.

You will receive an email from the academic(s) marking your paper. Following this email please log in to oxford.inspera.com with your SSO as you did on the exam day. On the dashboard you will see three tabs: "My Tests", "Archive" and "Demo Tests". Please select the "Archive" tab. There you will see the assessment ticket and can select to view more details. You will then see that some questions have comments and can select to view these question by question. Please contact the project team on edu-it@it.ac.uk if you experience any difficulties.


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