EAP: Known Issues

Please see below for issues that you might come across when you use the EAP system. You will also find information about when the issues will be fixed or how you can work around them. 


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This issue affects: EBAs

System area: Appointments


EAP has been optimised for desktop monitors. Using the system on a smaller device, or making your screen smaller, will 'wrap' the content, making it difficult to read.









This issue affects: EBAs

System area: Nominations

When you have selected a person's name through the nominee look-up function, the list of matching names may reappear. This is because the system is still searching for matches in the background.


Workaround: Click the person again and continue.


This issue affects: EBAs

System area: Nominate to Multiple Boards


Using the 'Nominate to Multiple Boards' functionality may lead to the nominee exceeding their Terms of Office on one or more Boards. This will result in nominations not being created, but you might not always receive an appropriate warning message. In some cases the message will erroneously display as 'Nominations created'.

Note: this will not occur with Assessors as terms of office do not apply to Assessors."


Workaround: After nominating using this function, check that the nominee appears in all Exam Boards


This issue afffects: All users

System area: Reporting


A reporting section is scheduled  for Michaelmas Term 2019. This section will allow you to build reports based on:

• Nomination data
• Exam Board data
• Standing Order data
• Payment data

There will be a number of parameters against which you will be able to run each report. You will be able to download reports into Excel for the date to be further manipulated as required. 




This issue afffects: EBAs

System area: Letter of Engagement


The system will not be sending out confirmed appointment notifications or Letters of Engagement until later in the summer (1st October at the latest), once the consultation on Letters of Engagement is complete.









This issue affects: EBAs

System area: HR Integration


Once the integration with CoreHR is in place in October 2019 - in time for EBAs to carry out examining work - the EAP system will automatically check RtW information.

Until then, the system will be unable to obtain any RtW information or appointment details automatically. However, this information will be manually added into EAP by the central Examinations and Assessments team. They will also carry out a manual check of the appointment record and inform departments if a new casual appointment record is required. Due to the manual nature of this process, please allow at least seven working days after submitting the nomination for these statuses to be reflected accurately in EAP.

This issue affects: EBAs, SNOs

System area: Overall


In preparation for go-live, the project team asked your Information Custodian/s to review and confirm - or notify us of any changes to - the proposed department setup of available Exam Boards, and the list of Exam Board Administrators and Senior Nominating Officers. When you first use the system, please check:

1) that we have set up your area correctly
2) that you have access to all the Standing Orders you should have access to
3) that all the Exam Boards you require access to are present and accurate

Please contact the central Examinations and Assessments team if anything is missing or inaccurate.


Note: as an EBA you will be able to see the full list of Exam Boards within your department. This is because access is granted at department level. Your Information Custodian approved the level of access for all users within your department before the system went live, and this includes the Exam Boards to which you have access.

Although you can see the full list of Exam Boards in your department, you must manage only those for which you are responsible as agreed with your department or line manager. This includes managing or responding only to notifications or queries sent to you relating to the Exam Boards for which you are responsible. Please ignore those relating to Exam Boards which do not fall within your role, unless you are covering for an absent colleague by prior arrangement.

This issue affects:SNOs, Chairs

System area: Supporting Documentation and CVs


In general, it is expected that SNOs (on behalf of the Nominating Committees) and Chairs (on behalf of the Exam Boards) are the ones making the nominations (i.e. putting the names forward) so they will have scrutinised nominee suitability in advance of them being entered into the system by Exam Board administrators. As such the understanding is that, by approving, they are confirming that the correct nominations have been entered as opposed to making a judgement on the suitability of the nomination at the point of approving it in the system. 




SNOs and Chairs can continue to access the Supporting documentation and CVs as they currently do, i.e. via shared local folder, SharePoint or email. 

We have logged this as a change request to be considered after go-live. Although it was not raised by any departments during planning or development, we recognise that in some instances, the SNO might not be an academic with subject expertise for the range of courses that a department offers. 

Each change request will be considered on the basis of how critical the change would be to functionality of the system, and we cannot guarantee that any specific change will be made. 



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