Examiner Appointments and Payments (EAP) Support

User Support for EAP is now on the Student Systems Support pages


Access to EAP is managed through your Information Custodian (IC). From the 2019-20 academic year access will be requested and granted through an online process. Until then a simple manual process is in place.


Please follow these steps:

  1. Identify your EAP role. This dictates what access you need. If you are an Exam Board Administrator or a Senior Nominating Officer (SNO) you'll need to contact your IC. If you are a Chair of Examiners you won't need to request access as you will be automatically granted access once you have been appointed to an Exam Board.
  2. Email your IC 

If you are unsure who this is, check on the Information Custodian list on the Student Systems website. 

Your email subject should be: EAP Access Request

Include the following information in your email:

  • Your name, contact phone number and email address 
  • Whether you are an EBA or an SNO
  • The name of your department
  • A list of the Exam Boards you need access to

If your IC approves your request, they will email the central Examinations and Assessments (E&A) team with the above-mentioned information. You and your IC will receive a confirmation email from the E&A team to inform you both that you have access.

If you do not receive a response within five days, contact your IC first to make sure that they forwarded your request to the E&A team.


Note: as an EBA you will be able to see the full list of Exam Boards within your department. This is because access is granted at department level. Your Information Custodian approved the level of access for all users within your department before the system went live, and this includes the Exam Boards to which you have access.

Although you can see the full list of Exam Boards in your department, you must manage only those for which you are responsible as agreed with your department or line manager. This includes managing or responding only to notifications or queries sent to you relating to the Exam Boards for which you are responsible. Please ignore those relating to Exam Boards which do not fall within your role, unless you are covering for an absent colleague by prior arrangement.

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