eDocuments project FAQs

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Yes, when you access the site after the launch date, you will login using your existing username and password and will then be asked to pay the registration fee. After this, you will also have access to your degree certificates and electronic transcripts, although please note that transcripts are generally only available if you started your degree in Michaelmas term 2007 or later.

No. If you register for the eDocuments Service now, you can view a free Degree Confirmation Letter, but if you wait until August you will also have access to your electronic certificate and transcripts, if available.

There is a one-off registration fee that gives you unlimited access to your electronic documents. The only additional fees would be if you need a paper document, at which point you would need to pay for the re-print and postage.

At this time, no, but we can issue you with a similar document if we can trace your record. Please email documents@admin.ox.ac.uk  for further advice

You will be able to use this service to view your electronic degree certificate and degree confirmation letter, and will be able to allow third parties to verify your degree status.

The electronic documents available from the eDocuments Service replace paper documents and are as secure as paper documents. They are intended to be viewed online. When you download them for offline use, the watermark will remain. There is a QR code which allows for it to be validated if there is cause to query its authenticity.


This should include project and or individual email (mandatory), phone number and any other relevant information.