EAP: benefits

The expected benefits of the Examiner Appointments and Payments project include:

  • Reduced risk of system failure 
  • Delivering a better service: improved efficiency and effectiveness 
    • The Examinations and Appointments team will spend less time on routine processes and will have more time available to deliver additional services and support to departments and other users.
    • Departments will be able to enter information directly into the new system, reducing the chance of errors resulting from others needing to re-key information.
    • By having direct access to the new system, departments will have better information available to identify vacancies on examination boards, decide whether a particular nomination needs to be approved by the Proctors, and to answer queries.
    • A more flexible system will enable departments to amend examination board membership quickly in response to changes, e.g. illness.
    • Examiners will be paid more quickly and receive more details about payments.
  • Improved compliance 
    • Raising the visibility of Right to Work information will enable timely checks.
    • Appropriate audit trails for payments.
    • Access to better information will facilitate compliance with requirements regarding the appointment of external examiners. 
  • Improved data security
    • Personal and financial information will be shared via secure methods (by being entered directly into the new system, through automation of processes and through integration of the new EAP system with other IT systems, such as CoreHR).
  • Improved quality assurance
    • Improved visibility of information will help departments to ensure that all examiners and assessors satisfy the relevant criteria, or are approved by the Proctors, for each of the examination boards for which they undertake work, before they start doing any examining work, thereby ensuring that the academic quality and integrity of the examining process are maintained.
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