GSR pilot feedback, and improvements

The Graduate Supervision Reporting (GSR) pilot run took place between 16 July and 31 August, and involved 19 courses and 6 colleges. This page contains a summary of the feedback received from participants, and improvements that were made before GSR was launched early in Michaelmas term (refer to the Student Systems GSR home page for details).


181 students volunteered to take part in the pilot by submitting a report. 226 supervisors, 9 Course Directors/DGSs, and 102 college advisors also participated. 

The pilot feedback surveys closed on 7 September, and 108 students completed the student pilot feedback survey. 47 staff completed the staff pilot feedback survey, some of whom had aggregated input from several members of staff in their department, division, or college. Feedback from participants has been positive, though a number of suggested improvements were made before the wider rollout of GSR. 

  • Preference for the simple layout and feel
  • Students said they liked the multiple levels of concerns 
  • Some students had issues accessing GSR (this was fixed at the time of the pilot)
  • Most students found the guidance and communications clear, but some small improvements were made 
  • Comments that GSR is ‘intuitive’ and ‘easy to use’ 
  • Others thought it was less clear, and we implemented some suggested improvements, including:
    • Changes to the dashboards for DGSs/Course Directors and college advisors, where it is now clearer which reports are ready to be reviewed
    • Added guidance on searching, and preferences for receiving automated GSR email notifications
    • Some people were initially unaware that the ‘Edit’ button is the way to access reports. This is consistent with the edit action elsewhere in eVision. Guidance is included in the automated GSR email notifications
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