HESA Data Futures: W2 - Course and Module Data

hesa data futures workstream course and module

There are a number of changes which need to be made to the underlying structure of programme data in the student record system, along with more specific changes from HESA including:
• Programme Data: Currently data is checked and verified by departments annually as part of the Planning and Council Secretariat’s annual programme data exercise each summer. In order to provide data during the academic year which is required for Data Futures, eVision functionality will need to be developed in order to maintain data directly within the student record system rather than manually checking in excel once a year.
• Change from JACS to HECOS codes: The change to the new subject coding system, the Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS), used by HESA and UCAS, were established manually ‘off system’ in order to meet this year’s UCAS timeframe in May by PACS and Admissions colleagues, however JACS codes will need to be replaced within the student record system with these new HECoS codes and associated reports updated.


HESA Data Futures Project
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