Outreach and Access Activity Management (OuAAM)

One of the University's top commitments is to attract and admit students with outstanding academic potential and the ability to benefit from an Oxford education, whatever their background.  The profile of outreach and widening access and participation has therefore never been higher, with a resultant increase in demand for robust, evidenced data for the activities being conducted and their efficacy.  The OuAAM project will deliver a platform and supporting business processes for the management  and administration of outreach, providing the foundations for a more consistent and standardised approach across the University and, once fully rolled out, enabling a unified view of all outreach data.







OuAAM provides outreach practitioners with a new platform on which they can set up and run outreach programmes and events.  Practitioners will be able to use the solution to market their events, manage registrations, applications and selection, gather feedback and outcomes, and perform evaluation.  It will enable increased efficiency through standardisation and automated workflow, and will provide enhanced security and compliance with data protection regulations (GDPR).

Analysis And Planning Completed 
The project has reached the end of the analysis and planning phase, and the project team have compiled detailed information on the required scope and delivery activities, including resources and costs.  The proposal to proceed is now awaiting funding approval but, as this has not yet been secured, in the interim Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach (UAO) will continue with their existing processes.

The Project Vision is what we are striving for things to be like once the solution is fully implemented and rolled out:

The OuAAM project delivers a platform and supporting harmonised processes to drive a consistent and collaborative approach to the management of all outreach and access activity across the collegiate University.  The solution supports the outreach consortia model and is the solution of choice for central functions, colleges and departments.

  • Automates administrative tasks enabling increased efficiency
  • Promotes best practice
  • Contributes to more effective evaluation of programmes through consistent, higher quality data recording
  • Provides a unified view of all outreach data and helps achieve the wider vision of combining undergraduate, external, and outreach data, to provide an accurate measure of outreach success.
alastair baker

Alastair Baker, Business Requirements


Naomi Hood, OuAAM Project Manager

photo cf

Cathy Farrow, Business Change

admn2949 lthumb

Ben Clark,    Data Architecture

ben malin

Ben Malin, Solution Architect

chi darby

Chi Darby, Instructional Design

emily warwick pic

Emily Warwick, UAO and HEAT expertise

170320 marianne talbot spc

Marianne Talbot, UAO & Consortia


The OuAAM Project Board meets on a regular basis to review progress and has ultimate responsibility for overseeing direction and governance of the project.   The Project Board members are listed below:

  • David White, Director of Student Systems (Chair)
  • Alison Matthews, Deputy Director, UAO (Senior Business User)
  • Sarah Gonsalves, Senior Head of Outreach, UAO (Senior Business User)
  • Andrew Bell, Senior Tutor, University College (Chair of Outreach Forum)
  • Elaine Aitken, Programme Manager, Education IT
  • Matthew Castle, Head of Application Development, IT Services
  • Naomi Hood, Project Manager
  • Cathy Farrow, Business Change Manager

The project decision making is supported by a Working Group with representation from UAO, colleges and departments; this group represents the interests of all Outreach Officers across the University.  The Working Group members are:

  • Emily Warwick, UAO
  • Martin Handley, UNIQ
  • Alex Jones, UNIQ
  • Daniel Pugh-Bevan, St Peter's College
  • Suzie Giles, Corpus Christi College
  • Suzanna Marsh, Department of Computer Science
  • Hildward Vandormael, HEAT co-ordinator, UAO

The project has also engaged the support of a wider group of outreach volunteers who champion the project and provide us with valuable input as and when required. In addition, they act as a local presence within colleges and departments with more detailed knowledge of what's happening within the project.  If you are an Outreach or Access Officer and would like to join our community of project change ambassadors, please email us at ouaam@it.ox.ac.uk.

Our OuAAM Ambassadors 

Charli Hopkins
Worcester College 

Mareli Grady         
Dept. of Statistics                        

Eleanor Chamings-Manley     
University College 

Hugh Munro
Wadham College

Rachael Hall
Student Recruitment

Luke Maw
St Edmund Hall

Natasha Ryan
Dept. Medieval and Modern Languages

Andrew Miller
Merton College

Jayne Shaw
Dept. of Materials

Helen Brooks
Mansfield College

Hannah Rolley
Trinity College

Lucy Busfield
St Anne's College





The OuAAM Working Group meets monthly and discusses a range of specific topics that contribute to the solution design and implementation, this group represent the interests of all Outreach Officers across the University and has representation from UAO, and from colleges and departments.  Details of the Working Group meeting topics can be found below.  If you would like to contribute to any of the topics, please email us at ouaam@it.ox.ac.uk, and we can put you in touch with your relevant representative.

Working Group Topics

November 2018

  1. Roadmap for future phases
  2. HEAT data management
  3. Project clarification log
  4. Design decisions required
  5. Data Migrations - volumes and approach
  6. Look and feel for external pages

October 2018

  1. Compliance and principles for data sharing

September 2018

  1. Training needs analysis
  2. Categorisation and identification of event types
  3. Consolidation of email addresses
  4. Communications

August 2018

  1. Working group terms of reference
  2. Designing a rollout plan
  3. First look at CRM usage policy

The expected benefits of this project include:

  • Improved efficiency/productivity in managing outreach activities
  • Increased standardisation of approach in the administration and management of outreach activities
  • Improved evaluation capability through consistent and higher quality data 
  • Safeguarding of GDPR compliance
  • Reduced business continuity risk by introduction of centrally managed system
  • Contribution to the capability to deliver large scale expansion of UNIQ
  • Unified view of outreach data

If you have any questions about the OuAAM project, you may find the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pages useful.

You can contact the OuAAM project team by email at ouaam@it.ox.ac.uk

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