Teaching Options Sign Up

Teaching Options Sign Up (TOSU) project

The TOSU (Teaching Options Sign Up) project is delivering a teaching programme structure database. This will include data about teaching options, which are referred to across Oxford as papers, courses and many other terms.

A teaching option is a topic covered on a programme of study, typically made up of several events, such as lectures, seminars, laboratories. This data will feed through to other systems, initially TMS (Tutorial Management System) and Canvas, to aid processes there.

The project will also plan a joined-up approach between the various methods of student sign up that will be available (for example, to a Canvas Course, TMS teaching arrangement and teaching options).

Briefings for users of the new system will begin later in Trinity term 2020.

Any questions about this project are welcome, please email the project team.


Contact the TOSU project team:

Email: tosu@it.ox.ac.uk