Turnitin and iThenticate Review

A recent review was carried out to find out if Oxford's plagiarism screening tools, including Turnitin and iThenticate, continue to meet the needs of staff and students.

Based on survey findings, along with information gathered from the higher education sector, the project recommended:
  • Retain licences for both Turnitin and iThenticate 
  • Review expected improved product offerings, including those of possible competitors, after November 2019

In the meantime, there is potential to enhance service provision, and to increase awareness across the University of the plagiarism screening tools currently in place at Oxford, and their intended purposes.

Details about the review are below.

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Oxford University has licences for two plagiarism screening and awareness tools supplied by Turnitin: 
  • Turnitin - to screen the work of registered Oxford students 
  • iThenticate - to screen the work of prospective students, and that of academics and researchers prior to publication 
A staff survey was carried out in September 2017. The aim was to find out why (or why not), and how staff at Oxford currently use plagiarism screening tools, and to identify current and future requirements. 93 staff members completed the survey. The main findings are:
  • There is potential for increasing the use of plagiarism awareness tools for summative and formative assessment through improved awareness and guidance for staff, and through modifications to examination conventions 
  • There is scope for expanding the use of plagiarism awareness tools for research theses
  • Awareness of iThenticate is low and there is room for expanding the use of plagiarism awareness products in graduate admissions
  • Biggest concerns regarding Turnitin relate to false positives/negatives and ease of use
  • STEM disciplines report limited usefulness for Turnitin in their fields

If you would like a copy of the survey analysis, please contact edu-it@it.ox.ac.uk.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at edu-it@it.ox.ac.uk.


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