Instructions for downloading the Safe Exam Browser on Windows


  1. Download SafeExamBrowserInstaller.exe from https://www.safeexambrowser.org
    Click ‘Download’ on the left of the screen and click the download option as below:






  1. Run the SafeExamBrowserInstaller.exe program to initiate the installation.

Allow installation to make changes on your device:




  1. Click Next, ‘I accept the terms in the license agreement’, Next, Install, Finish.



  1. Click Start, and find ‘Safe Exam Browser’ on your start menu to run the program.

  2. If you see the information in the picture below, specifically the phrase “You have installed Safe Exam Browser (SEB), but it isn’t configured yet”, then you have installed the Safe Exam Browser correctly.  When you log into the exam on the day, this will be configured automatically.  You can now close the window.




Instructions for downloading the Safe Exam Browser


1. First, check that your Mac is compatible with the E-Exam software. Go to the Apple menu in the top left of your screen and select About This Mac


  1.                   You should see a window like this (it may say OS X instead of macOS) – please look at the Version shown. It must be higher than 10.10.x to run the Safe Exam Browser for the exam you are taking. If it is lower (e.g. 10.9.x) you must upgrade your OS – you can do this through the App Store on your Mac – be warned this can take an hour or more to perform. Once it is 10.10.x or higher you may proceed.