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These frequently asked questions (FAQs) cover supervisor payments. Content will be added to this page as Student Systems receives queries.

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Only general supervisors receive payments for supervision through GSR. Dissertation/thesis supervisors for PGT programmes and course tutors are not paid via GSR.

If you are on the main University payroll, and you submit your supervision report before the 8th of the month, you will receive payment in your usual monthly salary at the end of the month. For example, supervision reports submitted between 9th December and 8th January will be paid in the January payroll (at the end of January). 

For supervisors who are not on the main University payroll, the Division or relevant GSA will send a payment request to the relevant department's finance office.

Payments for supervision are triggered by supervision reports being submitted in GSR, and are not based on whether the Course Director/DGS has viewed the report or not.

Payments other than for graduate supervision claimed by a supervisor are not processed by GSR. Each Division has different procedures on how special tuition payments should be claimed. Please contact the relevant GSA for further information.

Due to extremely low uptake in the old Graduate Supervision System (GSS), and the requirement to complete a Royalties and Income waiver prior to commencing supervision, requests for payments to be made to departments and colleges will no longer be possible in GSR. The only options will be to receive payment directly or to opt out of payment. If necessary, supervisors can subsequently Gift Aid their supervision fee to a department or college (please see for further information).

Please note supervision payments are recharged back to the relevant departmental cost centres.

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