HESA Data Futures: W5 - Fees and Financial Support


HESA data futures workstream 5 fees and financial support


This workstream is the largest and most complex for the project to deliver due to the change in the volume and type of data HESA will require the University to return and the complexity in how the data is held at the University of Oxford.

The current HESA student return contains a relatively limited amount of fees information; fee charged for the full year, and the actual amount the student was charged (after waivers, bursaries etc were deducted.) Under the Data Futures model, HESA will require individual invoicing activities for students, detailing what they have been invoiced, and who has been invoiced e.g. is it the student, their employer, an external agency, another body. This information is held in a number of areas in the university, in particular, locally within College financial systems.
Financial support information is currently provided to HESA for Home/EU Undergraduates, PGCE, Graduate-entry Medicine and Clinical Medicine students. Under Data Futures, HESA require financial support information on all students.

The workstream will need to provide a mechanism for this level of detail of invoicing activity, scholarship information and financial support of any value to be maintained via eVision. If would like to be involved in the Working Group for this part of the HESA Data Futures project, please contact the project team via hesa-student@admin.ox.ac.uk.


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