HESA Data Futures: W4 - Off-venue activity


HESA data futures workstream off venue activity

Off-Venue Activity covers UK and overseas experience organised or endorsed by the University, taking place during the student's studies and having a duration of at least 20 days professional activity . It does not need to be credit-bearing or linked to any learning outcomes, covering a wide range of activity from more formal placements such as Erasmus through to fieldwork/travel. This area of the HESA return has been widely expanded under the new Data Futures model from previous ‘mobility’ data.

Most of this information currently is held locally in departments and colleges, forming part of the current annual manual data collection exercise to collect some of this data for HESA.

We need to re-think how this is done to allow for data collection and maintenance via eVision, enabling more frequent returns of information to HESA and changes as they occur covering Erasmus, study abroad, clinical medicine attachments, PGCE placements, field trips, research trips, and other types of activity.


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