Integrated Communications Project (ICP)

Modernising Oxford's communications

The Integrated Communications Project has delivered the new Chorus telephony service and introduced unified communications technology to the University, replacing and enhancing the University’s  telephony system.

Further Chorus projects are now underway.  One of these has already delivered greater control to telephone service administrators in colleges, departments and faculties allowing them to update telephony settings for their staff locally, without recourse to the Chorus service team.  Amendments are made more quickly delivering a better service for all and a reduction in the number of service requests has already been observed.  Further enhancements are planned for 2018. 

The advanced unified communications project will improve access to the advanced unified communications features of Chorus by ensuring we can make calls via computer, tablet or mobile if we want to.  New features such as conference calls and web collaboration will be available.  Work is ongoing to make the required software easily available and to ensure the appropriate support is in place. 

The objectives of ICP are to:

  1. Replace the telephony system.
  2. Enable the use of common infrastructure for the delivery of voice and data services.
  3. Provide access to additional functionality for those that want to use it.
  4. Provide supporting communications and business change activities for the new technology.
  5. Agree with the collegiate University a future funding model for telephony and Unified Communications.

The Chorus main implemetation started in October 2016 and should complete by Christmas 2017 . 

 Key benefits for the collegiate University

  • Timely and well-planned replacement of the existing telephony system will prevent the increased risk of service failure when support is withdrawn in 2017, and ensure ongoing sustainability of the voice service.
  • The option to use unified communications will give staff and students increased flexibility.
  • There will be significantly improved disaster recovery and business continuity capability.

Further information

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