Identity & Access Management

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The University started reviewing its Identity and Access Management (IAM) capability a few years ago and since then a lot of work has been undertaken to determine the current situation, to understand where we want to get to in the future and to search the market to see how suppliers could help us to achieve this. The current approach to IAM has evolved in response to tactical needs over the last 25 years, largely centring round the University Card and Registration systems. This needs to be updated to account for newer technologies and the changing needs of the University.


The University is keen to embrace a more modern approach and deliver as seamless an experience as possible for all those people that need to access its systems and spaces.  Effective management of identity data is needed in order to ensure that everyone who needs access is treated as a person and not as disjointed records in a myriad of systems. Current systems and processes mean this is difficult for both end users and administrators.


The first project, the Identity Repository project, has focused on selecting and prototyping a system to hold and manage all identities.

Testing of the prototype in Autumn 2018 confirmed that Midpoint is a potential solution for the University’s identity management needs. The Identity Repository Project will now be closed and the learnings taken forward in more specific Identity & Access Management projects such as the forthcoming project to replace the University Card system. 

The goal of the Identity Repository project was to prototype a single source of identity data for all individuals with a role in the University of Oxford.

Longer term, as part of a number of interrelated IAM initiatives, the aim is to create a robust identity management service that should allow the collegiate University:

  • To provide a better service to individuals, by giving them a single, unique identity for the duration of their association with it.
  • To simplify processes for granting access to all types of resources.



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