Incident Reporting and Investigation System (IRIS)

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The Occupational Safety team process over 1,000 accident and incident reports a year following a paper based process and an Access database that is now unsupported.

The University is implementing a new cloud-based system (Info Exchange from The Alcumus Group) to support the processes for Incident Reporting and Investigation. The new incident reporting and investigation system (“IRIS”) will replace the current paper-based  process, improving efficiency, ensuring compliance with government legislation for the reporting of incidents and with GDPR.  The solution will enable worldwide access to all relevant parties anytime, all year round, and facilitate access to data in real time.

A dedicated project team has been created, with members from the Safety Office and IT Services working together to ensure the new service is implemented and embedded across the University, allowing the University to meet its legal obligations.




With the support of key stakeholders and the IRIS user group, the project team will:

  1. Complete configuration of the Info Exchange solution
  2. Integrate SSO authentication with the Info Exchange solution
  3. Complete testing of the solution against University requirements
  4. Deliver training on the new system to Departmental/Divisional/Area/University Safety Officers
  5. Create supporting materials for all system users
  6. Full roll-out of the core product to all departments and central UAS teams, including the removal of the current paper-based system in place



User Acceptance Testing  
TBC Review User Acceptance Testing   
January - June 2020 Phased roll out University wide  


For more detail contact the project team.



The drivers for this project to configure, test and roll out a web based system are to mitigate the current shortfalls and increase legal compliance. The solution will enable worldwide access and facilitate onward access to data in real time to all relevant parties. It is recognised that the current system causes undue delays and has data protection issues.

The key benefits the project team aim to deliver are:

  • Reduce administration burdens through the removal of data entry duplication and auto-population of templates for legal reporting

  • Improved security of personal data, as it will be held behind SSO authentication, with GDPR-compliant permissions in place for viewing the data and associated retention schedules

  • Faster processing time of incident reports

  • Improved management and control of incident data, with central Safety Office able to have full oversight and ultimate control.

  • Mobile app, that will enable anytime, anywhere logging of incidents by any member of the University who has SSO.



The project team will be running a number of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) sessions.  The main purpose of these sessions is to ensure that the system compiles with the University’s requirements and verify that it meets the criteria for delivery to users.  

The sessions are aimed at all intended users of the system including Divisional and Departmental Safety Officers, the Safety Office and Specialist Safety Officers. We are also encouraging attendance of non-safety employees who may raise incidents.

The sessions are a maximum of 2.5 hours in length and will consist of an overview and testing relevant to your role.  It is requested that you arrive promptly for the overview of how the session will run, but how long you need to stay will depend on your role.

Dates for UAT will communicated shortly.

If you have any queries, please contact the project team


User Group Representatives






Medical Sciences


Social Sciences






User Group Meeting Dates

15th October 2019                         14:00pm  Wellington Square Room 12

29th October 2019                         14:00pm  Wellington Square Room 3

13th November 2019                     14:00pm  Wellington Square Room 3

28th November 2019                     14:00pm  Wellington Square Room 4

10th December 2019                      14:00pm Wellington Square Room 12


07th January 2020                          14:00pm Wellington Square Room 3

21st January 2020                          14:00pm  Wellington Square Room 3

04th February 2020                        14:00pm  Wellington Square Room 3

18th February 2020                        14:00pm  Wellington Square Room 3

03rd March 2020                            14:00pm  Wellington Square Room 12

17th March 2020                            14:00pm  Wellington Square Room 4

31st March 2020                             14:00pm  Wellington Square Room 3

14th April 2020                              14:00pm  Wellington Square Room 4


Training will be provided prior to go live, once available more information and dates will be communicated here.

Contact & further information

If you have any questions regarding the Incident Reporting and Investigation project please contact the project team:
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