What will happen to WebLearn?

When the move to the Canvas virtual learning environment (VLE) is complete, the current VLE, WebLearn, will cease to be used as a teaching and learning tool. Before WebLearn can be fully decommissioned, the other activities for which it is used will need to be relocated. Anyone responsible for a process that uses WebLearn for administration use is therefore asked to consider if they could make use of other platforms to achieve the same goal. For example, Sharepoint can be used for Intranets and secure transfer of documents. Oxford Mosaic provides a great web platform. Nexus365 provides areas for collaboration and document sharing, such as Skype for Business and OneDrive for Business (the latter complements, but does not replace, existing shared drives and systems and is not intended for sensitive data). 

Related web content on the IT Services website is in the process of being amended in line with this update.

New project: WebLearn Admin Use Reduction – identifying appropriate alternative technologies

Although existing platforms will be appropriate for many of the administration processes currently carried out in WebLearn, some processes may require further support. In 2018/19, a new project will investigate the remaining use of WebLearn for non-teaching and learning purposes, identify gaps where no existing solution fits, and consider how such gaps should be handled. WebLearn will remain available until after this work is complete.

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