Nexus365 project

Transferring Nexus email and calendaring to the cloud

The Nexus365 project is now close to completion having migrated approximately 64,000 accounts to the new service.  


The Nexus365 project is upgrading the centrally managed email and calendaring service (that is part of the Nexus service provided by IT Services) to the hosted cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 service.  Users will also have access to a number of other Office 365 applications including OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, Groups, Teams, and Delve. The new service is called Nexus365.

Reasons for making this change are:

  • There is widespread desire from users for increased mailbox quotas and it would not be cost effective to increase the existing Nexus mailbox capacity.
  • The hardware that supports email/calendaring becomes unsupported in September 2018. It would not be cost beneficial to continue hosting the email service on-premise.
  • The University can benefit from the advantageous JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) negotiated amendments to the Microsoft Office 365 agreement, under which many other research-intensive Universities have already made this change.


  • To migrate current student/staff Nexus mail (and calendar) accounts to Nexus365 and to provide significantly more storage space.
  • To make available to students and staff OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, Groups, Teams, Delve and Planner.
  • To improve the end user experience in obtaining Office 2016.
  • To ensure the central IT Service Desk has appropriately trained staff and supporting materials to support this service.
  • To upgrade and improve the security of our email environment.
  • To identify current non-Nexus mail units who wish to take advantage of the Office 365 environment and to investigate a suitable process for moving them to Nexus365.  


This upgrade will bring benefits to end-users and be advantageous for the University as a whole.

 The main benefits for the user will be:

  • A much increased mailbox quota – up to 50GB from 2-3GB.
  • Access to OneDrive for Business with 5TB of cloud storage (this will complement, not replace, existing shared drives and systems and is not intended for sensitive data).
  • Access to Skype for Business, Groups, Teams, Delve and Planner.
  • An easier mechanism for downloading Microsoft Office 2016 to your personal machines, for personal use, whilst a member of the University.  

Advantages for the University as a whole are:

  • Greater capacity and resilience to meet future needs.
  • Better utilisation of the Nexus team.
  • Improved email protection for users through Office 365’s up-to-date security measures.  Additional security tools are also being implemented after migration.


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