Nexus365 and you: what to look out for

All accounts that were migrated to Nexus365 on or before Friday 25th May now have the default ‘reply’ instead of 'reply all' when replying to an email in Outlook via a web browser. As an email user you do not have to take any action – even if you had already manually adjusted the default yourself prior to that date. 

For accounts migrating to Nexus365 after Friday 25th May, the default will be changed daily immediately after they have been migrated.  This means there will be a very short period outside of standard office hours (before 08:00 BST) when the default will be ‘reply-all’.  Therefore, for the majority of users the default will be ‘reply’ when they log into Nexus365 for the first time.  

Successful access to shared mailboxes after migration to Nexus365 depends on how the mailbox has been set up.

Where you have access to a shared mailbox with its own Single Sign-On username and password you can continue to use those credentials to gain access.   All other shared mailboxes have permissions assigned which grant you access via your own Single Sign-On.  These permissions should be migrated at the same time as the mailbox. As long as you still have full access to the shared mailbox it will reappear in Outlook automatically.

Should you encounter difficulties accessing a shared mailbox after you move to Nexus365 please contact your local IT support staff (if you have them) or the central Service Desk via (01865 6) 12345.  Please supply full details of the shared mailbox, the users who access it, the permissions they should have, as well as what error messages or issues are encountered. The mailbox’s owner should make this call. 

Some people have encountered problems sending from shared mailboxes when their own account has been migrated to Nexus365 but the shared mailbox has not.  In the first instance, the fix would be to create a new Outlook Profile.  See

If that does not resolve the issue, then please contact your local IT support staff or the Service Desk via (01865 6) 12345.  

We have experienced a couple of phishing attacks so please be vigilant when receiving emails about your email migration.  Note that:

If you have received countdown emails after your email account has already migrated to Nexus365 this is as a result of forwarding rules that have been set up in another mailbox. Please ignore these emails.

If an Out of Office message has been set before the time of migration and the Automatic Reply 'end time' has passed,  Out of Office messages will continue to be sent even though the Auto Reply shows that it has returned to 'Don't send out replies'. To work around this bug see

If you receive the message above after trying to log into Nexus365 for the first time the most likely cause is either a local internet outage or entering the wrong user name or password.  In either case you should try logging in again, ensuring you use the right credentials.  If that fails please contact your local IT support staff or the central Service Desk on (01865 6) 12345.

We have updated our guidance for configuring Outlook for iOS on a mobile device

A report of new starters for the previous week is provided to the project team by Registrations each weekend.  Within this data there are:  

1. New accounts/starters for units that have already migrated to Nexus365 

2. New accounts/starters for units which are in the process of being migrated (countdown emails have started to be sent)

3. New accounts/starters for units where the migration process has not started yet.   

The first group will be migrated in the next ‘mop-up’ batch running overnight on Thursday evenings.  The second group will be scheduled for migration in the first Thursday mop-up batch after their unit has migrated.  The third group will be added into their unit’s data to be migrated with it. 

Accounts included in mop-up batches will receive one email two days before migration and their local ITSS or key contacts will be informed via email.

If you cannot find the information you need on this website or at, please contact your local IT support staff, if you have them, or the central Service Desk.  The Service Desk is currently receiving a very high level of email traffic as migrations continue across the University so the best way to contact it is by phone on (01865 6) 12345.  

You can remove the old Nexus email address your outlook is configured with and add a new Nexus365 email address. Changing your email address is an easy and quick process that can be achieved by creating a new outlook profile and entering the new details, as per the create a new Outlook profile instructions.

You might also receive repeated requests to sign in.  Each sign-in relates to an individual mailbox to which you have access. You should sign in as requested.

To remove the stored credentials and force Outlook to use your current Windows desktop credentials please follow clear my saved credentials instructions.

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