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The University’s current on-premise SharePoint service is being moved to the Cloud - it will become SharePoint Online, part of the Nexus365 suite of applications.

We anticipate that SharePoint Online will be available to colleagues across the University in the summer.

SharePoint Migration

Existing SharePoint sites will need to be moved to SharePoint Online. We will be working together with site owners and users to determine a plan for review and migration.

Benefits of SharePoint Online

The functionality of SharePoint Online within Nexus365 is currently in a scoping phase, but will include several new features and additional benefits, such as:

  • Improved search and navigation – you will be able to search for documents across all SharePoint sites that you have access to
  • Increased storage and resilience
  • Better tools for co-authoring of documents
  • Better access from mobile phones
  • Responsive pages across the board
  • Integration with Microsoft Tools such as PowerAutomate (formerly Flow) and PowerApps
  • Simpler, flatter structure
  • Improved permissions model for managing access to documents
  • Easier ability to add permissions for people external to Oxford University 
  • Maximising the University’s investment in Office365
  • Reducing energy use through decommissioning of on-premise servers.
SharePoint Online FAQ

Please go to our FAQ to find more detail about specific aspects of this project.

If you have questions that you would like including in the FAQ, please email the SharePoint Online Project Team.

We are in the initial phase of this project and are currently:

  • Producing a high level architecture design and governance model for the new SharePoint Online, with Nexus365
  • Contacting all Site Collection Administrators (SCAs) and some site owners to better understand how SharePoint is currently being used so we can start planning the migration.

SharePoint Online will be available by summer 2020, although additional functionality may not come online until later in the year. 

We are planning a phased migration of sites starting by the summer and continuing into 2021.

  • SharePoint is available as part of Nexus365
  • Existing SharePoint sites have been successfully and appropriately moved to SharePoint Online
  • Once the above have been achieved, services that are no longer required - such as on-premise SharePoint and WebLearn - can be considered for decommissioning.


If you have any questions about this project, please email the SharePoint Online Project Team:

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