SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online, the cloud-based version of SharePoint, will be available from end November 2020 to colleagues across the University. This is part of the Nexus365 suite of applications and will replace the current SharePoint on-premise..

Content from existing SharePoint on-premise sites will need to be moved to SharePoint Online, which will be the responsibility of individual Site Owners. These website pages provide guidance for Site Owners, Site Collection Administrators and senior managers.

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    SharePoint Online uses Microsoft’s "modern experience" and offers many improvements over SharePoint on-premise:

    • It’s mobile friendly
    • It’s user-friendly and has a clean, modern look
    • It’s much better for collaboration and co-authoring documents
    • You can search for documents across all your SharePoint Online sites 
    • It’s more straightforward to share content securely with people external to the University
    • It has a simpler, flatter structure that replaces the current hierarchical site collections
    • It’s much simpler to move content around within sites
    • You have much more storage, up to 1TB, rather than 25-100Gb for each site collection
    • It integrates well with other Microsoft tools such as Power Automate (formerly Flow)
    • Permissions are much easier to handle
    • We are working with a small group of early adopters, who will help shape governance and best practice for SharePoint Online by creating sandpit sites and then sharing their experiences and findings
    • We are working with Information Compliance, InfoSec and other experts in Governance, retention and compliance to set up the governance of SharePoint Online, including compliance, retention policies, sensitivity levels and other security-related controls 

    SharePoint Online will be available from end November 2020.

    Content of SharePoint on-premise sites will need to be moved to SharePoint Online as soon as possible, with a hard deadline of April 2023, when SharePoint on-premise goes out of support from Microsoft. It will be the responsibility of site owners and Site Collection Administrators to carry out these moves.

    • SharePoint is available as part of Nexus365
    • Content of existing SharePoint sites have been successfully and appropriately moved to SharePoint Online
    • Once the above have been achieved, services that are no longer required - such as on-premise SharePoint and WebLearn - can be considered for decommissioning.