SharePoint Online Glossary

Business Owner

The Business Owner is a new role designed to help manage the University’s SharePoint Online. They are a senior person within their unit but need not be a technical person, as they have no responsibilities within the system. Their role is to ensure the business use of SharePoint Online in their unit is compliant, consistent, managed and supported, and to nominate a sufficiently skilled Site Network Administrator.

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External site members

If required, external users can be given the same role as Site members, except they are not members of the University. They can be given specific access, using their external Microsoft account, to a SharePoint Online site.


A Hub site is a flexible way to connect SharePoint Online sites across a part of the University, such as a department or college, allowing these sites to share content, a common look-and-feel and search results with sites associated with the hub.

OSM (Oxford Service Manager)

This is the IT Services Help Self-Service system for provisioning requests through IT Services. This should be used when you want to set up a new SharePoint Online hub or site, and when you want to change who the Site Network Administrator or Business Owner is for a particular hub.

Power Automate

Power Automate is the automation tool that allows you to automate tasks and workflows in Microsoft products like SharePoint Online. Until 2019, it was called Microsoft Flow. Previously, you might have used third-party tools, such as Nintex, for automation in SharePoint, but Power Automate is included in the license for SharePoint Online and integrates better with SharePoint Online.


A SharePoint Online site is a private website which can be used for teams to collaborate or to share information with colleagues. SharePoint Online sites can either be a team site, used for collaborating, or a communication site, which is suitable for intranets.

Site members

Site members are a role in SharePoint Online who have access to edit content in their site, but do not have permission to manage some aspects of the site such as navigation or permissions.

Site Network Administrator

The Site Network Administrator (SNA) is a similar role to the Site Collection Administrator (SCA) in SharePoint on-premise and is a technical role that manages content and permissions in their site network and provides technical support to Site Owners.

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Site owners

Site owners are a role in SharePoint Online with full permissions to access, edit and manage their site.

Site visitors (internal and external)

Site visitors are a role within SharePoint Online who only have access to view and read content, not to edit or manage any aspect of a site, as Site Members have. They can within or external to the University, in which case they can be given access using an external Microsoft account.

Web parts

Web parts are the building blocks of a page in SharePoint Online. These can include blocks of text, document libraries, image galleries, files, videos, calendars, event listings and news.