SharePoint Online Videos

All videos are restricted to Oxford University staff and students - you will need to login with your SSO to view them.

Introductory video for Site Owners

This is a short demo of SharePoint Online for Site Owners, to give you an idea of what SharePoint Online looks like and what things you can do with sites straight out of the box:

Recording of SharePoint Online Roadshow for senior managers and Business Owners

This is the recording made from an online roadshow event held in November 2020 explaining SharePoint Online to senior manager and people who will be taking on the Business Owner role (apologies for the dog barking in the middle!):

Recording of a SharePoint Online Roadshow for Site Network Administrators (SNAs)

This is a recording made of an online roadshow held in December 2020, explaining SharePoint Online to a technical audience of SNAs and SCAs:


If you have any questions about SharePoint Online: