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The Student Systems projects portfolio is delivering a mixture of incremental improvements to existing functionality, the creation of new systems, and the replacement of software reaching the end of its support. 

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The Academic Transcript Improvement project combines a number of transcript improvements: the movement of Clinical Medicine transcript production to the Academic Records Office (ARO), and delivery of an improved mechanism for exam boards to provide overall marks and ranking data. 

The project is now nearing conclusion.  The new upload mechanism that allows exam boards to provide overall marks and ranking data was successfully deployed in June 2019, and a high number of exam boards have already taken advantage of the new functionality.  Where the data has been uploaded, the overall marks and ranking information has automatically been made available to final honours school students in Student Self Service.  In addition, a number of minor transcript improvements have already gone live, and the decision to transfer development of the ERASMUS placement and attachment data to transcripts from this project to the HESA Data Futures project has been agreed.

The movement of the Clinical Medicine transcript production to the Academic Records Office (ARO) has been agreed and the dates for cut-over to the new service are being finalised. This move improves efficiency and consistency, by aligning the transcript production for Clinical Medicine to the standard University process. 

This project enables more departments to use the course booking software provided by Accessplanit (sometimes referred to as CoSy), which brings greater automation into the management and administration of training courses.

AccessPlanit had already been used successfully by the Finance Division and IT Learning Centre training teams, enabling improved training communication between providers and delegates, and the creation of shared records for delegates of training attendance.  As a result of this project, the system has now also been rolled out to additional training providers: the Language Centre, Oxford Learning Institute, Student Systems Support Centre, and the MPLS, Humanities and Medical Science divisions. Further training providers are still in the implementation phase. 

The project is also delivering a mechanism to allow training providers to easily share their course catalogues via platforms such as Mosaic.