UAS websites transition

Improving the web presence for UAS departments

The UAS (University Administration and Services) websites transition project will transfer more than 30 websites, and sub-sites, to the University’s newly developed Oxford Mosaic web CMS (content management system).  These include the main section sites for Personnel, Finance, Estates, AAD (Academic Administration Division), Legal Services, IT Services, PACS (Planning & Council Secretariat) and The Proctors' Office.  A sub-section of technically complex sites will require a bespoke approach; this includes Exam Regulations.

Why we are moving UAS websites to Oxford Mosaic

The main reasons for transferring the UAS websites to Mosaic are:

  • Research among users has revealed negative feedback about the existing UAS websites.  The move to Mosaic provides the opportunity to improve the user experience by helping people to access the information they need more efficiently.
  • The majority of UAS sites are currently based on an ageing system (Site Manager) that has made updating and changing the content increasingly slow, difficult and restrictive in the options available for presenting information.
  • Some sites are using older versions of Drupal software that are either no longer supported by or will no longer be supported by IT Services as it moves to Oxford Mosaic. 

What we will achieve by moving UAS websites to Oxford Mosaic

The key business outcomes we expect to deliver for the University are:

  • Enhancing the University’s staff online experience so they can effectively access and use administrative information through the introduction of a user-centric and joined up approach across UAS sites.
  • Establishing UAS sites web governance structures and processes to help maintain continuous improvement from a user and business perspective.
  • Reducing the costs and risks involved in hosting and maintaining these websites by moving them onto the University’s centralised Oxford Mosaic platform.
  • Moving UAS department websites using Site Manager onto the Oxford Mosaic platform, so that Site Manager can be decommissioned (by 31 July 2020) and technical resources be reassigned.
  • Moving InfoDev websites (using older versions of Drupal) onto the Oxford Mosaic platform, so that the InfoDev platform can be decommissioned (by 31 July 2020). Also to remove support for outdated versions of Drupal and free up technical resource to be reassigned to the Mosaic team.
  • Contributing to the ongoing evolution of the Oxford Mosaic CMS service thereby allowing site owners, and other University stakeholders, to benefit from this continuous investment.
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