UAS websites transition editor training

How to get up-to-speed with the new way of working

We are running five types of session and will schedule these to allow content editors and contributors to attend as close to their site move as possible.  In addition, regular drop-in sessions are available for editors and contributors, particularly aimed at answering questions once they have started building their sites.

All content editors and editors should attend:

  • Mosaic hands-on demonstration: to introduce you to Mosaic and how it operates. Some elements covered will not be directly relevant to all editors but we are keen that you get exposure to the Mosaic platform before attending more detailed training.  The session will include:
    • Overview of benefits.
    • Outline of features and how Mosaic works.
    • An opportunity for you to login to a demo site and try uploading content and have a play yourself either in the session or for a time limited period afterwards.
    • Q&A to answer questions.
  • UAS website template specific training: to give you the knowledge you need to create and edit content on the UAS website through hands-on training in small groups.  You need to have attended a Mosaic hands-on demo before you can attend this training.

They should also have a good understanding of best practice in writing for websites through reference to the UAS websites editor guidance; specifically the UAS web style guide and Writing for UAS websites.

Lead editors should also attend:

  • 1:1 content mapping: to demonstrate the outline Mosaic templates, explain how webpages work in Mosaic, explore how your content will be best displayed in Mosaic and identify any webpages that require a bespoke approach. You should have attended a Mosaic hands-on demo and have drafted the information architecture (IA) for your site before this session can be scheduled.  Liz Beith, the project's Implementation Officer, will schedule these meetings directly with managing editors.
  • Design briefing: to cover design issues that cannot be covered in the template training. This will happen once you have access to your Mosaic site, and will help you build pages that are in line with the UAS designs.  The purpose of this briefing is to improve consistency across all UAS sites and by attending you should save yourself time trying to figure things out yourself through trial and error.
  • Web governance briefing: to explain arrangements for the UAS site once the project is complete.  This will include coverage of how the UAS site will be managed, the Style Guide, the processes for requesting new and archiving old sites and where to get support.  You need to have attended a Mosaic hands-on demo before attending this briefing.
Type of training Open to Date  Time Location Booking
UAS website template training New starters / new editors or contributors

One course in November and
then every 2 months from January 2020

TBC IT Services, 13 Banbury Road Invitations sent for November.  Other sessions TBC



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