UAS websites transition timeline

Overview of activities

The project has been divided into three distinct stages.

Stage 1:  May-September 2018 

  • Detailing the information architecture (IA) and design for the new UAS (University Administration and Services) websites, in other words how the information should be organised and how it should look in order to best meet the requirements of users including:
    • Training the people who will be responsible for the website content (content editors) on how to create their information architecture (IA) and how to write well for the web.
    • Content editors were asked to provide data on current website usage derived from Google Analytics data and surveys to enable them to compare activity before and after the migration to Mosaic.
    • Creation of individual IAs for each website and rewriting of text, where appropriate, by content editors.
    • Testing of the proposed individual IAs with staff to validate the thinking. 
  • Further analysis and technical investigation into the identified bespoke sites (for example, Exam Regulations), to understand the requirements for these better and to create appropriate solutions.
  • Migration planning consultations with the various UAS team members to establish availability for migrating individual sites and groups of sites. This has fed into the development of the overall migration plan.

Stage 2: September 2018- August 2019

  • Technical development and testing of the agreed architecture,design and detailed system requirements.  Effectively, this has been developing and testing templates incorporating the agreed look and feel as well as any features required to operate behind the scenes of the websites.
    • Training content editors so they can map their content to the agreed Mosaic templates.
    • The continuing creation of individual IAs for each website and rewriting of text, where appropriate, by content editors.
    • Planning of the site build with content editors.
    • Training content editors to use the agreed Mosaic templates.

Stage 3: March-November 2019

  • Building of individual UAS websites, and groups of sites, will be carried out by content editors using the IA they have created for their site and the agreed Mosaic templates.
  • The sites will be organised into three tranches, or groups, of sites based on their complexity and preference regarding timings.  Each tranche of sites will be built and migrated to Mosaic in a specified time frame. There is a mix of sites by size and complexity in each tranche. 
  • Learnings from the first tranche will be provided via a ‘lessons learned’ log or report so that we can make improvements to the process for the second and third tranches. 
  • Hands on support will be provided by the Implementation Officer during site build and migration. 
Websites by tranche

The table below indicates in which tranche individual websites are scheduled to move to Mosaic.  Please note that this might change in future.


Tranche 1 Tranche 2 Tranche 3

Academic Support (LIVE)

Access Guide (LIVE) Careers Service
Childcare Services (LIVE) Centre for Teaching and Learning (LIVE) Governance and Planning (LIVE)
Compliance (LIVE) Estate Services (LIVE) Graduate Accommodation
Equality & Diversity Unit (LIVE) People and Organisational Development (LIVE) HR Systems
(including HR Analytics)
Finance Division (LIVE) University Sport (LIVE) HR Support
IT Services (LIVE)   IT Skills (incorporating IT Learning Centre
& IT Learning Portfolio)
Legal Services (LIVE)   Jobs (including 
Temporary Staffing Service)
Proctors' Office (LIVE)   Occupational Health
The Sheldonian Theatre (LIVE)   Safety Office
Staff Gateway (LIVE)   Staff Immigration (LIVE)
Sustainability (LIVE)    

Travel (LIVE)




Migration tranche schedule

The table below shows indicative timings for the main activities of each migration tranche.  Specific dates will be added as they are agreed.


  Tranche 1 Tranche 2 Tranche 3
Mosaic hands-on demo training By March By April By July
Information architecture development By March By April By July
Content mapping By mid March By early June By mid August
Site build planning By mid March By early June By mid August
Site request End Jan May June/July
Site creation (by project) Feb May June/July
Mosaic template training 5 to 28 March* April-May* June/July*
Access to site  Mid March Early June Mid July
Site build  Mid March to mid May June to September Mid July to November
Go-live Mid May onwards September By December


* 1 half day session for each editor/contributor

List of site pages