CoreHR upgrade

A project is underway to upgrade the University’s HR Information System (HRIS), CoreHR, to the latest version available, and to move the service to a supplier-hosted solution.

Delivered by IT Services in partnership with Human Resources, the upgrade has implications for all CoreHR users and, in mid 2020, will also impact University employees when the project facilitates a move to online-only payslips.

The CoreHR Upgrade project will:

  1. Upgrade CoreHR from version 20 to the latest version available from the supplier
  2. Transition the University’s HRIS service to a supplier-hosted solution managed by CoreHR (this means that the software, data and underlying infrastructure will transfer to CoreHR's managed data centre)
  3. Implement a new hosted service management framework for the HRIS service. This framework will include the ability to accept future release upgrades on a faster and more frequent cycle
  4. Remove the risk faced by the University associated with operating a business-critical service on unsupported Oracle licenses
  5. Implement a new HRIS reporting solution to replace Oracle Discoverer which is no longer actively supported by Oracle
  6. Manage the move to online-only payslips

A dedicated project microsite has been created to provide CoreHR users with regular updates, training and support.

Information for employees about future updates to HR Self-Service and the planned changes to the delivery of payslips will be shared on the Staff Gateway page.

LATEST NEWS: The first phase of the upgrade was completed in May 2019, when the project team successfully delivered the system switchover from version 20 to version 26 and the move to a supplier-hosted service. 
The second and final phase is currently underway, which will bring the University’s HRIS completely up-to-date with the current version available. This significant piece of work will result in the delivery of additional system functionality for users, and will impact training, and HR and system processes.
The project team will engage all stakeholders throughout this process to provide training and support.
As part of this work, a new, fully supported reporting tool will also be delivered. 
Finally, work will be completed to manage the move to online-only payslips.
The second phase will be delivered in stages and is currently expected to be completed in Summer 2020.


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