On-Course Applications (Phase II)


In early 2020, we successfully completed a project that replaced ten of the more straightforward paper-based Graduate Studies Office (GSO) forms with on-line forms, digitised approvals and workflows in eVision. This proof-of-concept resulted in reduced manual overhead and administration time, and made life easier for the students, academics and administrative staff involved in these processes.

A further project was approved in Trinity Term 2022, to tackle a small tranche of more complex GSO forms used to record and manage post-graduate researcher (PGR) outcomes (see PGR Outcomes System Changes). This project, which is currently ongoing, will work closely with stakeholders in Education Policy Support, Research Degrees, departments, divisions and colleges, to simplify underlying processes and migrate data collection forms and workflow approvals into eVision.

The On-Course Applications Phase II project aims to move as many as possible of the remaining on-courses processes (not addressed by either of the two afore-mentioned projects) into eVision. Consolidating data collection and administration onto eVision will mean that all applications will be stored in one place, and can be accessed and approved from anywhere, via eVision or Student Self Service

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The project will deliver the following results:

  • Students will have a more consistent, intuitive digital experience and faster turnaround times
  • Administrative processes will be simplified and consolidated onto a single common solution, reducing off-system activity
  • Academics and administrators will be able to view and action applications within eVision
  • End-to-end processing time will be reduced
  • Personal data will be held securely within a supported system
  • Data visibility, quality and reporting capability will be improved

The project outcomes listed above will deliver the following benefits:

  • Improved student and staff satisfaction with the process
  • Time savings for academic and administrative staff                              
  • Reduced risk of data breaches
  • More effective monitoring of policy adherence 

This project is being managed as an Intervention under the University’s Digital Transformation programme. The project team meets weekly with a Review Group comprised of central, divisional and college stakeholders to ensure the eVision solution meets their requirements and to get sign off on any process changes or business decisions.

The project will develop and deploy the new forms and processes in eVision on an on-going, agile basis. However, users will adopt the new solution at a dedicated “go-live” point, currently planned for the start of Michaelmas Term 2024. The illustration below shows the current provisional timeline. Note that this could be subject to change.

Trinity term 2023: document as-is and to-be processes

Michaelmas term 2023: create functional specifications and develop prototypes, sign off by Review Group

Hilary term 2024: release new forms and functionality into the live system as they are ready

Trinity term 2024: prepare users for go-live

Michaelmas term 2024: go-live; new forms and processes made available for use in eVision

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If you have any queries about this project, please contact the team by email at oca@it.ox.ac.uk