About IT Programmes and Projects

What are IT Projects?

Our programmes and projects are the basis for continually improving digital services and capabilities at Oxford University.

Work falls into five portfolios, as per the Digital Governance Framework (requires SSO):

  1. Education
  2. Technology
  3. Research
  4. Administration [landing page coming soon]
  5. Engagement & Dissemination

How do these programmes and projects fit in with Digital Transformation?

Some of the programmes and projects we deliver are funded through the longstanding IT Development Fund and some are funded through Digital Transformation. All of them are governed by the Oxford Digital Governance Framework (requires SSO) through the five Portfolio Committees.

This full list of projects (requires SSO) notes which are Digital Transformation.

Useful Links

  • Please visit the Digital Governance Hub (requires SSO) for more information about how we deliver and govern digital services at Oxford
  • Please visit the IT Services Portfolios site (requires SSO) for a detailed list of all our programmes and projects within all our portfolios, including a high level status view of all initiatives
  • Please visit the Digital Transformation site for news and information about the ongoing Digital Transformation initiatives, including a list of all Phase 2 initiatives