The Centrally managed Oxford Wireless LAN Service Hardware Upgrade and Replacement Project (COWLSHUR)

The COWLSHUR project is replacing the hardware that provided the centrally managed Wi-Fi service (COWLS) provided by IT Services. The new Managed Wireless Service is based on Juniper Mist technology, built to provide an outstanding WiFi experience.


Project objectives

  • Implement a reliable, robust and secure Wi-Fi service for the University, provided by the Managed Network Services (MNS) team
  • Replace the current 'end of life' COWLS hardware with a new solution
  • Implement a new service that meets the current and future needs of existing COWLS customers, and is attractive to new customers

Benefits of new service

  • Juniper Mist technology delivering Wi-Fi 6 standards
  • All existing COWLS Access Points (APs) to be replaced by the project
  • Paradigm shift in diagnostics
  • Clear visualisation of the supported sites with heatmaps and self-help tools to identify problems quickly and easily
  • Support from wireless experts in MNS, together with the better diagnostic interface for ITSS from Mist, will help provide an improved end user experience, and the best possible coverage
  • Personal WLAN (in development)


Existing COWLS customers - all APs that were registered by 31 May 2021


  • October 2020 - Juniper Mist and Telent selected as manufacturer and reseller respectively (complete)
  • December 2020 to May 2021 - Proof of Concept implementation and evaluation at 13 Banbury Road (complete)
  • June to August 2021 - Pilot implementation and evaluation at four sites
  • September 2021 to December 2022 - implementation at all COWLS customer sites

Implementation plan per site

cowlshur implementation plan




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