Education IT Programme Update - Hilary term 2019 (issue 7)

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As we look forward to Trinity term 2019, there are a number of important updates to share about the projects in the remit of the Education IT Programme.

Student Systems project highlights


There are a number of Student Systems projects, and major updates for this term are as follows:

Examiner Appointments and Payments (EAP): The appointments element of the EAP system, expected to be available in June 2019, is near completion. Earlier this month, the functionality was tested by the EAP User Group over a two-week period, which generated positive user feedback. The payments solution design, intended to be available towards the end of 2019, is currently being fine-tuned with the help of colleagues in divisions and departments, after which building of the payments element will commence.

Student Progression: at the end of Trinity term 2019, the first ten paper-based Graduate (GSO) forms will be replaced with online application forms and a digitised approval/workflow process in eVision (or Student Self Service for students). Development for these applications is well underway, and in Trinity term, the relevant academic and administrative staff will receive emails with tailored information about the changes. 

This project is part of the Focus programme.

HESA Data Futures: HESA recently deferred the date that the new statutory requirements for the collection of student data come into effect (originally January 2020). While the implications of this delay are assessed, the programme continues to move forward with the changes as planned, to be in a good position to deliver when the new start date is agreed. Work with colleges and departments continues, to fully understand how HESA Data Futures will affect processes and systems, and to keep all relevant staff informed of developments. 

Further details about these projects, and all other Student Systems projects, are on the Student Systems projects web page. 

Academic IT project highlights

Working on laptop

Three high profile Academic IT projects are underway:

E-exams: last year, a small-scale trial of the use of technology in formative exams allowed students to type, rather than handwrite, their answers. A larger-scale trial is now being planned in detail for Hilary term 2020. The trial, which is subject to approval, will aim to build the University’s expertise and confidence in running e-exams. A Steering Group, chaired by Professor Geraldine Johnson, (History of Art and Christ Church), will oversee the longer term development of e-exams in the University.

Canvas: the Canvas @ Oxford team has been meeting with departments and divisions across the University to discuss moving first year award bearing programmes of study to Canvas in time for Michaelmas term 2019.

Online Reading Lists: early adopters have populated Oxford Reading Lists Online (ORLO) with over 300 reading lists, which are being used by students.The project will conclude by end March 2019, when a detailed plan for a wider rollout across the University will be delivered by the project team.

Further details are on the Academic IT projects web page.

Completed projects

All completed projects are listed on the completed projects page.


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