Enhancing our internal digital communications will help ensure everyone at Oxford gets timely, relevant and accurate news and information from the University – allowing them to find and share the information they need to study and work, in support of our mission of teaching and research.


We are working to deliver a single intranet for Oxford, so that every individual gets a consolidated view of all the news and content relevant to them, all in one place.

OxIntranet will offer a high-quality user experience for both audiences and content creators, with a simplified publishing process and improved findability.

We have partnered with AppSpace to deliver Oxintranet.  AppSpace offer powerful software that sits on top of SharePoint, making use of Microsoft technology while offering a clean and easy-to-use interface for both users and content creators.

OxIntranet will be underpinned by accurate and up-to-date people data, so that information can be shared with audiences based on the part of the University they are in (for example, a college or a department). Users will also be able to subscribe to see more on topics of interest. These changes will improve the visibility and impact of internal communications.

Pilots are now taking place with a small number of teams in the colleges, divisions and UAS.

We will work to bring more parts of the University on to the new intranet in 24-25 - with an initial focus on internal content that is currently on Oxford Mosaic, which reaches end of life at the end of 2025.

Wider communications enhancements

In the future, we will also explore enhancing our email tools, as well as exploring the opportunities provided by enterprise social networking and artificial intelligence tools.

This work is part of Transforming Oxford’s Digital Communications programme. It is overseen by an Intranets and Internal Communications Project Board, which is made up of colleagues from across the University and colleges.