Oxford Fresco

Oxford Fresco will be a stable, secure and flexible platform for the University and will be the preferred platform for all the University’s public-facing web content including Oxweb, the University's main website.

Oxford Fresco will provide improved, flexible tooling for content owners and creators to deliver quality sites for wide-ranging audience needs. It will replace the Mosaic platform, and providing a new platform for OxWeb (both in need of upgrading).  The project will work to provide a best-in-class solution for our main University website and ensure that user journeys across the University’s web estate can provide the best digital experience possible for our audiences by considering content, design and user experience.

This 'future proofing' will ensure we have ongoing support and ease future upgrades.

While the aim is to create a University-wide platform, initially this will impact those sites currently on Drupal 7 based Mosaic and Oxweb.

Our pilots of the new platform started in March 2024.  These will enable us to evaluate our proposed technical solution, gain a greater understanding of the nature and extent of the change, and provide information about what the change will mean for colleagues across the University.

The project is overseen by the WebCMS Project Board under the governance for the Transforming Oxford’s Digital Communications Programme.

We are engaging web content owners and creators during the course of the project to ensure they are as informed and involved as possible.

If you have any further questions, please check our Frequently Asked Questions or, if you are unable to find what you need there, please email us at webcmsproject@it.ox.ac.uk

Since December 2023, we have provided a regular Teams drop-in session for current Mosaic users to find out more about this project and the development if the new intranet.  Copies of the slide packs are below for reference and recordings of our December 2023 and April 2024 project update presentations are also provided below.

Presentation slides:

13/14 December 2023

19 February 2024

17 April 2024


Recording - 13/14 December 2023

Where we described the vision for the Transforming Oxford's Digital Communications Programme, and what this means for Mosaic users.


Recording - 17th April 2024

Where we provide an update on, and a short demonstration of, the new pilot web CMS and further information about the development of the new intranet.  This presentation includes a short demonstration of the pilot web CMS which you may also go to direct with this link.